Virtual Vinyl Releases

Virual Vinyl Releases by Pop Rock For Humanity

This is a new innovative concept by us. The songs on this page are released with the quality closest to Vinyl records. A beautiful immersive environment is designed for every song. The listener can enjoy a virtual vinyl environment while listening to the vinyl quality songs. The vinyl lovers who no longer own a real vinyl player will enjoy this environment. Watching the vinyl rotation and gradual movement of the playback sensor needle, the music-synchronized diaphragm, movements of woofer and mid range speakers, and a synchronized visualization and lighting environment is highly mesmerizing, which only the true vinyl lovers can understand. In all the songs published on this page, a virtual 3D modeled vinyl player is presented with virtual speakers, music-synchronized speaker diaphragm movements, music-synchronized visualization, and environment lighting. The environments are published in the forms of 2D HD videos. Prefer using high quality speakers or full-sized (fully covering your ears; NO Ear Buds Please!!!) headphones with bass for best experience (these headphones are available on Amazon or similar retail sites from various vendors; some of the best bass-boosted headphones are available from Sony, Skullcandy, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, and Bose). Your enjoyment will be maximum on a HD television supporting 2K videos connected with a home theatre audio system. This entire environment is designed by our associate firm “Visionaries’ Diary”.

Virtual Vinyl Releases' Playlist - 2D 2K HD Video - 88.2 KHz 2.8 Mbps Vinyl Quality Music Audio - Select a Video at the bottom of the video window; it will begin playing!!

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