Virtual Vinyl Releases

Virual Vinyl Releases by Pop Rock For Humanity

This is a new innovative concept by us. The songs on this page are released with the quality closest to Vinyl records. A beautiful immersive environment is designed for every song. The listener can enjoy a virtual vinyl environment while listening to the vinyl quality songs. The vinyl lovers who no longer own a real vinyl player will enjoy this environment. Watching the vinyl rotation and gradual movement of the playback sensor needle, the music-synchronized diaphragm, movements of woofer and mid range speakers, and a synchronized visualization and lighting environment is highly mesmerizing, which only the true vinyl lovers can understand. In all the songs published on this page, a virtual 3D modeled vinyl player is presented with virtual speakers, music-synchronized speaker diaphragm movements, music-synchronized visualization, and environment lighting. The environments are published in the forms of 2D HD videos and 3D stereoscopy anaglyph videos (You just need the Red Cyan 3D glasses made of paper or plastic; they are available on Amazon or similar retail sites at very affordable prices). Prefer using high quality speakers or full-sized (covering your ears) headphones with bass for best experience (these headphones are available on Amazon or similar retail sites easily). Your enjoyment will be maximum on a HD television supporting 2K videos connected with a home theatre audio system.
This entire environment is designed by our associate firm “Visionaries’ Diary”.

Virtual Vinyl Releases' Playlist - 2D 2K HD Video - 88.2 KHz 640 Kbps Vinyl Quality Music Audio

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